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The internet is a fantastic place overflowing with knowledge, games and communities of people, and just like pupils across the country, the pupils here at Russell Scott Primary School spend a great deal of time using the internet within school and at home. This is why it is important that our pupils learn how to be safe when browsing online and becoming members of online communities. Read our policy documents below:

– RS ICT Policy 2014 v1.0

RS eSafety Policy 2013 v1.0

In school, children learn about eSafety through a scheme of lessons along with assemblies. We also encourage parents/carers to talk to their children about how to behave safety when online, to ensure pupils remain safe when browsing at home.

Our children know to report any inappropriate content, contact or conduct they encounter online to CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) by clicking the report button found on each KS2 class blog site.

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CEOP also has a great website of information on E-Safety for parents. Please click the link below to visit the page.


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Esafety Work in Year 2

In year 2, Mr Harkins has been showing us how to be esafe when using the Internet at home and at school. We used an app called Yakit Kids to make our video to share our learning.


Esafety Parents Meeting

Esafety Meeting for parents at Russell Scott Primary

Thank you to the parents who attended the esafety parents meeting yesterday. Mr Mackie, from JTRS, presented the informative esafety content covering areas such as ┬ásocial media, gaming, communication and more…

We were disappointed by the low attendance for the event, particularly with the importance of such an emotive topic. Please let us know your suggestions by adding to the forum on this page, if you have any suggestions about future esafety events.

Please also add your thoughts or questions about esafety issues, experiences or insights as we can share these with our school community.

Thank you,

Mr Harkins