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Mobiles can do loads!

Music, photos, surfing the web and more. You’re in the right place to learn how to be SMART on your mobile phone.

Premium rate numbers

What is premium rate?

You could spend a lot without realising it.

All premium rate numbers start with 09…calls and message to these numbers can cost from 10p to a whopping £1.50 for every minute or message you send plus your network charges. When you buy things online always read the small print! If you have problems with a premium rate number tell your parents to look at this website to find out what you can do about it.

IMEI Number
IMEI stands for…wait for it…International Mobile Equipment Identity.

This number can be used to block your phone if it is lost or stolen. It’s a good idea to write this number down and keep it in a safe place. Find out the IMEI number of your phone by pressing *#06#




Think about who you give your number to – you don’t know where it might end up.
If you receive a nasty text save it for evidence but don’t reply to it , if you reply you are likely to get yourself into trouble too.
Remember to be a good digizen ( digital citizen) try to talk quietly on mobiles in public places and keep your music quiet.
A growing number of viruses are attacking mobile phones be careful what you download onto your mobile.
If you often receive spam (junk mail) texts from random numbers report it to your mobile phone operator or Phonepayplus

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