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Social Networking eSafety

Social-networking sites (SNS) make it really easy to be creative online, to keep in touch with friends and to use a load of cool stuff like video, photos, music, and chat all in the same place.

So how can you have great times online and avoid the net nasties? Carry on reading and watching to learn more about the SMART way to network online!

You can network with people in lots of different ways. Some people are very interested in film and will use sites like YouTube to showcase their favourite films and link to people who like the same sort of things.

Remember that films on these sorts of sites aren’t classified in the same way as films at the cinema like – U, 12, 15, 18 so sometimes kids come into contact with films meant for adults only.

If you see a film that worries you or makes you feel uncomfortable tell an adult and remember you can report it to the website.

Images online
Photos and film are an important part of many webspaces. Always think before you post. Images stay online forever and can be copied, changed and used elsewhere.

If you wouldn’t be happy for your class teacher to see the photos of you on your SNS then maybe you need to edit your profile.

REMEMBER when you post something online, you are posting it on the biggest screen in the world to billions of people!



Always explore the privacy settings of your SNS to protect your privacy and to protect yourself from strangers.
Get your friends and family to have a look at your SNS to check that you aren’t giving out too much personal information or posting inappropriate photos/films because they might see something you’ve missed.
Keep your passwords to yourself.
Respect yourself and others online.
If you are unlucky enough to have a bad experience online report it to the service provider and tell an adult
Cyberbullying is NEVER acceptable. If you or someone you know is targeted by bullies online tell them 1) to report the bully to the website/service operator 2) keep evidence of the bullying behaviour 3) to resist the temptation to reply to nasty messages 4) To tell an adult.

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